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Let’s Watch with Travelgirl #1 -The Package 더 패키지 (Korean Drama)

Hi Everyone,

This will be a new series I will be sharing with you all. I may be sharing movies or drama I’ve seen in particular from Hong Kong, Japan and Korea as my time normally is split between these regions, Many of you know I watch Korean drama so today, I wanted to share with you one I finished recently. The drama I want to share with you is called “ The Package”. Two reasons why I wanted to watch this – one is because its theme is about travel with a group of Korean people visiting France for a holiday and the other reason is my favourite Korean singer, Jung Yong Hwa from the band CN Blue is the lead actor of the series (ok its the main reason I want to watch it haha).


In this drama, the cast travels to France and visit many places with the main storyline set at Paris, Saint-Malo & Mont Saint-Michel. The scenery throughout the whole series was stunning and at the same time, you do get an overview of the places they visit.


The storyline involves the couples in the tour and they all have their own reason of going to the trip. Some of the stories were unexpected, some would make you cry, some just makes you laugh.





The music used in this series just like all Korean drama is so touching and all ‘lovey dovey’.

The Package has 12 episodes and are 60 minutes long like most Korean drama. If you love traveling and just want to watch a nice love storyline, this is the series for you.

Thanks for reading


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Travelgirl’s Game Review – Progress with Trade Island

Hi Everyone,

Another 2 weeks have past and I am still playing Trade Island. The last update I was on level 30 and as I mentioned, the higher level it gets, the harder to level up. 2 weeks later, I am on level 33. So what has changed from a fortnight? Let’s take a look.

I bought extra land! Yay! I need to build up my city and also make more room to expand my businesses so that is a must. Check out the area I have now.


Another new addition to this which I am very excited about is the new Ferris wheel. It took forever to earn all the tools and funds need to open it up and now, it is operating nicely bringing in a solid income for my city. Don’t forget that it does look fabulous seeing it shine all the time.


I have also opened up a new cave with a new quest. Apparently, this cave brings in a lot of gold but as of now, I haven’t seen any. Let’s hope I can get something decent out of it.


A new feature has been added to the game which is the “news” update tab. Once in a while, they provide you with the latest of the game and you will be rewarded for reading the news.


More treasure chests daily to be opened which I love. The other thing that I am working hard on is expanding my warehouse capacity. Why is that? It is because you want to reserve more and when the resources are needed, you will have it instantly and don’t need to wait for them to be made or found.

IMG_7891IMG_7893 2

Lastly, I about to upgrade Town Hall as the population of the city is growing every day. It will take over a day to upgrade but by then, I will be able to see more characters for the game.


Trade Island seems to be better and better as I play each day. Can’t wait to give you all my next update and by then I’m hoping to finish a few quests and be a few more levels higher than this week.

Thanks for reading



A visit to Propyläen & Staatliche Antikensammlungen @ Munich, Germany

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to take you to Kings Square in Munich, Germany where it has the city gate, a gallery, and a museum. In this blog, I’ll be going to Propyläen (City Gate) and Staatliche Antikensammlungen (State Collection of Antiques). While staying in Germany, our bus always takes us past King Square so on a cloudy day, we decided to take a look.

Let’s visit Propyläen first. Propyläen is the city gate on the west side of Kings Square. It is right at the roundabout so any traffic going by will definitely go past the gate. The gate was built as a memorial for Otto of Greece which is why it has the resemblance of Greek architecture, in particular, the large pillars.



Entry is free and as you go inside, you should look upwards and can see the pretty structure of the ceiling. As you look outside the city gate, the flooring around it has fan patterns. Not far from Propyläen, there is Staatliche Antikensammlungen (State Collection of Antiques).


As you can see from the exterior, the design of the museum also has the large pillar just like the city gate. The museum has collections of antiques from Greece, Rome and a range of Etruscan art. There is an entry fee for this museum but I think it is worth the visit if you like history or trying to find an activity for a rainy/gloomy day. The interior of the museum was super tall as you can see from the height of the door below.



Let’s look at some of the antique. In this museum, you would notice there is a lot of antique pottery.

IMG_1447IMG_1449IMG_1450IMG_1451IMG_1457 (1)IMG_1459

Some of the pottery on display was pretty impressive. Comparing with the ones we have seen at the British Museum, this museum was a lot easier to go through as it is less busy so you can slowly understand and enjoy each piece.


It is good to know they have a few chairs for tired visitors like me.


In my next blog, I will continue to take you around Staatliche Antikensammlungen and will also be visiting Glyptothek, a very interesting museum also located at Kings Square.

Thanks for reading



The Olympiapark München @ Munich, Germany

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to take you to The Olympiapark München in Munich, Germany. Munich was one of the major hubs during our Europe trip as we knew someone there so we can leave a lot of our bulkier luggage there to avoid taking too much to neighbouring countries. Where we stayed was very close to The Olympiapark München so we decided to take some time out to visit the park.

Let’s have a look at the surroundings of our friend’s place. These apartments were very modern and the neighbourhood was very quiet. During the weekday there were hardly any cars. In fact, it just looked like the streets in Sydney. On the way to the park, we can already see the Olympic Tower. What a great day to be out!

IMG_7401IMG_7402IMG_7403IMG_7406 (1)

As we were walking in the park, we can already see people relaxing, enjoying the sun. As some of the park was elevated, many people will find a nice spot and enjoy the views. As we were on holidays, we took our time and moved from one spot to the other. This side is the view of Munich city.

IMG_7400IMG_7408 (1)IMG_7525IMG_7438IMG_7439IMG_7444IMG_7447

We then moved to the more popular side which can be seen on my their website and travel guides. Here facing the pond, you can see the Olympic stadium where it is a popular place to see shows and certain games. You can also see the Olympic Tower where you can see the whole of Munich and if it is winter, you can sometimes see the Alps if the weather is clear enough.


There are also many activities you can participate like the flying fox, visit Sea Life (similar to the one in Sydney) and the Park Railway which is more catered for families or people who prefer not to walk around the park. You can also take guided tours to get a better explanation of the area.


It is best to check out the website before you visit as there can be other new activities available. Or you can be like us and many others, just take a few hours out and enjoy the quietness around you. Lie on the grass, take some photos and enjoy the sun.


Thanks for reading



Vor Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady) & Caritas Well @ Copenhagen, Denmark.

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to take you to Vor Frue Kirke (Church of Our Lady) & Caritas Well in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Church of Our Lady is located at an open square close to the University of Copenhagen. We have read online that if they have a service or any ceremonies on during our time of visit, the church will be closed. Luckily when we arrived, there was no service and we were able to take a few photos. As it was a weekday while we were visiting, there were not many tourists around.


The church had a really high white ceiling and it was really long. As there was no service at that time, it was not very bright and minimal light was opened. Notice the big rings hanging from the ceiling? It will sometimes get lit up during service which lights up the whole church. After some rest and a few photos, we headed towards Caritas Well.


Caritas Well is one of the oldest fountains in Copenhagen. It is also a very popular spot for tourists to come and take some pictures or for locals, it is a nice meeting spot. What I love most about the fountain are the gold strips underneath the actual fountain. This brings out the colours of the fountain and also matches the colours of the fishes around the mother and her children.


Thanks for reading



Sharing Some Photos of Copenhagen City – Part 2

Hi Everyone,

A couple of the days we were in Copenhagen, the weather was pretty gloomy so we decided to visit any important or famous sites as well don’t want to leave halfway so we decided to explore the city. We love exploring and looking at different architecture so let me share some of the things we saw over these couple of days.

As we were visiting during the weekday, the streets were pretty empty. Another reason we suspect is that it’s towards winter and the weather was super cold so everyone was indoors.


What we really liked in many European cities are their buildings show lots of character. A simple building can look like a work of art!


One of the many street signs.


This building reminds me of the one we saw in Amsterdam near Anne Frank’s museum with the red window covers.


The line of coloured buildings near Nettobådene. There are lines of restaurants here but I suspect the prices will be pretty expensive. Definitely a photo opportunity here.


Thanks for reading


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Lunch at Sushi Hon @ Broadway, Australia

Hi Everyone,

I have walked past this Japanese restaurant many times but never tried it so the other day when I was at the shopping center, I decided to go in a try it. The first thing I noticed was they were not Japanese people but in fact a Korean. In Sydney, there are many Japanese restaurants that are run by Koreans which I believe is not true Japanese food but a fusion of Korean and Japanese cuisine.

The waitress asked if I wanted to sit at the sushi train bar or at a table so I opt for the bar. I waited a few minutes and didn’t see something I liked on the train so I ordered something from the menu.

IMG_7622 (1)IMG_7623 2IMG_7621

The menu was not very big and the prices were on the expensive side. I ordered a serve of salmon sashimi, scallop sushi and a poke bowl (main meal). Both the sashimi and sushi were the expected size but the poke was a bit smaller than anticipated but it tasted fine. It does look big in the picture but in fact, there was a lot of salad so it looked taller than what you actually eat.


Service was fast and the waitresses were very friendly. There are plenty of seats in the restaurant which also has a computer touch screen for customers to order their meals. I probably won’t go there again as I prefer the Chinese restaurants or the other ones next door.


Address: Broadway Shopping Center, 1 Bay St, Ultimo NSW 2007

Thanks for reading