Collect Your Free Books at Big W!

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Hi Everyone,

Big W in Sydney is giving out a free story book each week for the next 12 weeks. They are popular kids titles and it’s a great opportunity for kids and families to read these books together. As this is the second week, we already collected two of them.

You can pick up these books at any Big W at the door or in our case, they were on a stand at the door. Don’t miss out and start collecting these great children titles!


For more info you can visit

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Let’s Visit Lake Bled @ Bled, Slovenia with Travelgirl

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Hi Everyone,

After visiting Bled Castle, we decided to head down to Lake Bled to explore the surroundings. Fortunately when we arrived, all the clouds have disappeared and the sun came out welcoming us.

lake bled

When we arrived, there was a tourist train waiting for passengers to get on. I believe during summer, these trains will be full of people wanting to explore the lake in style because the lake is pretty big so you either need to drive or take one of these trains to go around it.


As we walked towards the lake, there were many of these gondola taking tourists to the Bled Island to visit the church. We stood there for awhile and decided to not take the gondola over as we had the two kids. What if one needed to go to the toilet or the other one wants a feed. That wouldn’t be a good idea so we just enjoyed the lake by the bank.

IMG_0406 (1)IMG_0420 (1)IMG_0407IMG_0408 (1)

The water was crystal clear and a pretty duck came towards us thinking we may have food for them. Unfortunately we finished all our snacks. As your can see from the photos, the water not only was clear, it was extremely clean. It was a very enjoyable visit as there weren’t many people around and the sun came out at the right time.

IMG_0417 (1)IMG_0418 (1)

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Visiting Bled Castle Museum @ Bled, Slovenia with Travelgirl

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Hi Everyone,

In my last blog, I took you to Bled Castle and today I’m going to take you to the museum in the castle. Entry to the museum is included in the ticket price for the castle visit. It has 2 levels and are split in different themed rooms. Every room tells a story and gives visitors an insight of the history and culture in Slovenia. The smaller items are all in boxes whereas the bigger items are displayed freely.

bled museumIMG_0299IMG_0303IMG_0305IMG_0307IMG_0308IMG_0309 2IMG_0310


The museum was very kids friendly as long as you leave the pram outside as we didn’t want to carry the pram to level 2. The kids loved to explore and see something different to what they normally are exposed to at home. We even saw an old bathtub in one of the rooms. Of course it was covered but it was something a bit different.



After touring the museum, you can visit the gift store next door and buy something local for friends and family. We found that prices were a little bit more expensive than town but if you are short of time, it is not a bad choice to buy it all here.

IMG_0333 (1)IMG_0334

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Visiting Bled Castle @ Bled, Slovenia with Travelgirl

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Hi Everyone

Today I will be taking you to the famous Bled Castle in Slovenia. When you arrive in Bled, you will easily see the castle right at the top of the hill. We drove our car to the entrance and we paid for a parking spot which you will be directed by someone when you get there. As we were talking towards the entrance, we found ourselves at the bottom of another hill – we need to hike up a very steep cobblestone path to get to the ticket counter.

bled castle

It wasn’t easy with the strollers but we got there eventually. We bought out tickets from the front desk and started our visit making our way up to the view point. Kids were free and we continued pushing up the the hill. As we were walking up, you can see the castle is still in its original colour and condition which I thought was great they kept that. A few minutes later, we can see the pretty view. Unfortunately on the day when we visited, it was a bit cloudy but as long as it wasn’t raining, it wasn’t an issue. After taking some photos, we went to visit the castle museum which I will introduce in another blog.

IMG_0253 (1)IMG_0241 (1)IMG_0240 (1)IMG_0255 (1)

IMG_0256 (2)IMG_0257 (1)

IMG_0260 (1)IMG_0262 (2)IMG_0263 (1)IMG_0276 (3)

As we were leaving the castle, we decided to take a break and have a coffee and the famous Slovenia cake in the castle. It wasn’t the best cake, but it was not bad considering you have a really nice view while enjoying a cake and drinking coffee.


Small tip – prepare yourself for some steep hill walk on cobble stops. Wear some comfy shoes and clothing. During summer months, bring some water and wear sun protective gear.

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Colour with Travelgirl – New Book with Travel Theme! Yay!


Hi Everyone,

Some of you may know, I love adults colouring books and have two of Joanna Basford’s books, a few random Japanese ones. Two days ago when I was doing my weekly browse at Daiso, I found a new book they have imported from Japan. Check this out!


They have a forest theme and a travel theme. And you guessed it, I have to buy the travel themed one mainly because it suits me but the other is I’ve done enough of Joanna Basford’s garden and forest them books. I was super excited and after the seeing the price, it couldn’t get any better! Let’s check out some of the pages.

IMG_5502IMG_5503 2IMG_5504 2IMG_5505 2IMG_5506IMG_5507

I can’t wait to share some of the finished products with you in the coming weeks (hope I have some time do a few of them). I don’t think I’m a great colouring artist but I do enjoy it a lot and it helps me relax after a long day. Do you have something you enjoy that helps you relax after a long day?

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Travelgirl’s Game Review – Progress with Trade Island

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Hi Everyone,

It has been awhile I wrote a game review. Around a week ago, I got a message from a follower of mine on my WordPress to see how I’m doing with the game I played for a long time called Trade Island. Things have been a bit hectic during my time back at work so haven’t been playing many mobile games but I have settled down so I am able to continue again. Since it was Chinese New Year a couple of weeks ago, the Trade Island game developers have incorporated this celebration to the game which made it more interesting. So before I start to show you the Chinese New Year special feature, the game offered me a special deal of 200 gems for $4.49. I have plenty of gems at that time so I will pass.

Now let’s have a the Chinese New Year task involve. As you can see, there are characters with the “red packets” glowing on top of their head. You just need to put them to the nearest accommodation and you will be able to accumulate eventually enough to get some bonuses after the missions. It’s actually a lot easier than the previous tasks before which was surprising. They also gave me a lucky cat which I ended up putting with my buildings hoping it will bring more luck and money to my town.

Another win was that a new sculpture has been completed which was an achievement. That is it for this week of the game. Hope to bring more exciting stages and new challenging next week.

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Lunch at Oštarija Peglez’n @ Bled, Slovenia

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Hi Everyone,

During out time in Bled at Slovenia, we found a really cute restaurant which has great reviews so we decided to give it a go. It  is not a candle light dinner setting but the restaurant’s decor really makes that your visit feel special. The restaurant is called Oštarija Peglez’n.

There was outdoor seating or indoors and we chose to sit inside it was really cold and it was warm and cozy inside which you will see shortly what I mean. Before we came to the restaurant, we have read a few reviews and were told to try their pastas and fish soup. Let’s check out the menu first. The menu was pretty extensive so I will share parts of it with you (there’s still many pages).


We ordered a seafood pasta, two sauces one with wedges, one with chips and the recommended fish soup which comes in a small pot. They also gave us some bread with two types of olive oil dips we we loved!


The food was delicious. We actually went back a second time for dinner to try some other dishes and it was just as spectacular. We actually ordered too much food as we didn’t expect the servings were this big which the waiter already warned us but we did want to try a few things. There service was top notch and don’t feel bad for asking table water as every table there orders that. The restaurant has a nice home feel to it and was decorated differently at every corner of the place. There were plenty of seating and were very kids friendly. The wait staff have great English so don’t worry if you were a tourist. Many locals were eating there so that is great sign from a tourist’s perspective that the food served here will not be too bad.


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Things People Spend Money On ….

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Hi Everyone,

Just over the weekend, I encountered two things that really make me think why would anyone would want to spend money on certain things. Don’t get me wrong, I splurge on many things as well including bags and shoes (not so much shoes now) but everyone has their “hobby” or “must have”.

So let me show you the two things that WOWed me. First, I was doing the weekend shopping and every time I go past the fish store, I will definitely check out what is fresh and the prices so I can compare it with the ones in the supermarket. So I saw Tooth Fish which I know is expensive but is it really worth $129.99AUD? Call me silly but I will be happy with fish half that price.


Another thing was a friend sent me the below. A mint condition copy of the Super Mario Bros for $140K!! Like really? I actually have a copy somewhere at my mum’s house so maybe I should dig it up and see how much it’s worth. It’s not a mint copy but I’ll be happy to get half that price right?


Is there anything you like to splurge on? Tell me about it!

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Let’s Buy Some Chocolates @ Koko Black with Travelgirl

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Hi Everyone,

For Valentines this year, I decided to get some really nice chocolates for my other half and found this really cute store in the city called Koko Black. Normally I get some nice chocolates from Haigh’s Chocolates so I wanted to get something a little bit different.

koko chocolates

I tried to get them during lunch but the line was super long so I went down towards the end of the day and the wait was more reasonable. The exterior of the store has many XOXO on it. Super cute! Let’s have a look inside. Everyone was lining to get the gourmet chocolates in different sized box so I decided to get a box of 9 which was $24. There were just too many different chocolates and flavours to choose from so it was a bit difficult to choose the 9 I think he will like. After choosing the 9 chocolates, the staff asked me to choose a card which comes with the chocolate and we have 4 design to choose from. That was a nice touch as buying a card these days isn’t cheap either so having something that matches the gift was perfect!

IMG_5398IMG_5401 (1)IMG_5403IMG_5402

If you don’t have time to put together a gift box, there are some that are available already made or smaller packets to munch on.


IMG_5407IMG_5431 2

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Happy Valentines Day!

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Hi Everyone,

It’s that time of the year where we celebrate this day with the special someone. If you don’t have a partner, it isn’t a bad thing as you can save a bit of money and headache of preparing for this day. For the past few years, my other half and I haven’t really celebrated on the main day as we find the restaurants are packed with people, over priced and just overall another day to get slaughtered. But we do buy each other a small gift on the day and have a nice meal some other day.

This year I bought him some special handmade chocolates which comes in different box size and he bought me a cake. We didn’t speak to each other beforehand and we both ended up getting something to eat rather than an item.



How did you celebrate Valentines Day?

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