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New Happy Colour App Update with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Two days ago I shared a new app I’m using constantly these two days called Happy Colour. It is an app that allows you to colour various pictures by choosing the given numbers. It is brainless work as it is a great tool to help you de-stress and make you feel like you have accomplished something. I’ve had a stressful few weeks due to work so this app came in handy. I normally while waiting for the bus or on the bus and these two nights while watching tv.

Let me show you some of the finished products below since my last post. There are actually a lot more but decided just to show you a few. Depending on the complexity, each picture will take 15 minutes on average with the longest one taking 30 minutes (lots of details). There are different themes and genres. Each day they provide you with at least 10 new pictures to colour and a special one for each day.


If you have accomplished some milestones, you will get additional pictures to colour just like shown below.


When you start a new picture, you can zoom in to see the numbers associated with the colours below. Just tap the colours and then the number, the section will be coloured. Highly recommend those who want to relax and certainly a task that doesn’t require any thinking and makes you feel like you are a professional artist after each picture is done.


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Let’s Colour with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

If you are a follower of mine, you would of know that I love colouring books. I’ve even streamed a few sessions of my colouring projects and it was great fun. So I’m pretty much done with the Secret Garden colour book by Johanna Basford so I found a smaller book this time at Daiso.


I have a Daiso near work so it’s really convenient when I need to get something quickly. They had two to choose from – One a flower theme the other fairy tail theme. Since I just finished the Secret Garden, I decided to get the fairy tail book. Let’s have a look at the pages. First, they show you the different tools you can use to make your pages look pretty. All in Japanese but you can get the point from it.


Let’s have a look at some of the pages. They look super cute!


Lastly, even the back page is a colour page. The book is made in Japan and is in a convenient size. Best of all, it’s $2.80AUD and in Japan it would be 100yen. Do you like adult colouring books?


Thanks for reading