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Bubble Nini @ Chippendale, Sydney with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Since my last sharing of Milk Flower, a fancy Asian drink place in Sydney, I bring you another one that has been recommended by not 1 or 2 friends, but by many of them! Bubble Nini is the one and only in Chippendale in Sydney so far and has been a recommended drink place for many months by close friends. They are popular on delivery sites and let me tell you why below.


The store looks like a florist and is a perfect place to enjoy a nice drink. Even better you can buy the flowers here! This place is also a great Instagram moment which is why people love taking pictures with their drinks here.

IMG_1509 (1)IMG_1508 (1)IMG_1505 2

Let’s check out the menu. We ordered a ‘The Sun and Moon’ & ‘It Takes Two to Mango’ in the large size.

IMG_1507IMG_1506 (1)

Here it is! They do look pretty don’t they especially my one with the real fruits in the drink. Verdict. The Sun and Moon were just like other bubble tea places but we will probably swap it next time with the default pearl to peanut better peals. My It Takes Two to Mango was delicious. It was the right sweetness (half sugar) and it was nice and cool for that warm summer day. We will definitely come back again if we are in the area and try something else as the rest of the menu looks pretty interesting.

IMG_1504IMG_1514 (1)IMG_1502 (1)IMG_1503 (1)IMG_1515

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Trying Korean Pear on Australia Day Long Weekend with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

It is the Australian Day Long weekend and Saturday was a super hot day with temperatures around 37 degrees. It was so humid I just wanted to stay indoors the whole day. We were invited over to our friend’s house and luckily they had a pool so most of us have gone in to cool down twice throughout the day. My friend normally prepares most of the food but we bought some fruit over so everyone can cool down with some nice fruits. When I got to the shop, I found a fruit which was a bit interesting but also a bit confusing. Let’s see what it was.

On the sign, it says its a Korean pear but the origin is from China. That in itself was confusing but I thought I had to buy it and give it a try because the pear was actually pretty big. It looked like a nashi pear but just bigger and a lot darker. Price wise it was pretty expensive considering nashi pears are normally $5-6 a kilo and this was already $3.49AUD  each.


We took it our friend’s place and they also haven’t seen this before. So let’s cut it up and see what it looks like. Just like I thought, it’s like a nashi pear. Tastes the same just a bit sweeter. Nothing too special that I need to go out of my way to buy another one. Do you have this Korean pear in your city?


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Special Apple Cake from Passion Tree Velvet

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday my other half bought me a cake to celebrate my accomplishment of surviving the first week of work after many years off from maternity leave. This cake store has high tea as well so he went and picked out this cool apple cake for me.


IMG_4413 (2)IMG_4414

It looked so real that I didn’t even want to eat it. Once I put the fork in, I can hear a nice crack sound from the white chocolate underneath the green coating. Then as I cut it in half, the apple inside is just like the apple pie you bake from home. It was pretty nice with the apple balancing out the chocolate or else it will be too heavy.

IMG_4415 (1)IMG_4416IMG_4418IMG_4419IMG_4420

Although it was all pretty and delicious, it wasn’t cheap and was told the cake cost $9 takeaway – not sure the price if you decide to sit down and enjoy it at the cafe area.

Hope you all have a great weekend!