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What Do You Do With Your Gold Splinterlands Cards?

Hi Everyone,

As many of you know, I have been playing Splinterlands since it started and over this time, I have accumulated many gold cards. It was nice in the beginning but as I grow my decks, many of these gold cards are no use to me as they are too low level. A friend of mine who also plays Splinterlands loves hoarding them as they increase their DEC return if they win but for mine, the cards are too low level to match up.

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 8.00.04 am

Would renting them out be a good idea? A part of me is to keep them in the hope they will increase in value but another part of me wants to just get ‘something’ for them since I am not using them. Remember these cards are hard to get and knowing the game is expanding, give me some ideas about what I should do with them? In the end, I may not do anything and just leave them there but it would be good to get more heads together and maybe find a better way of utilising these cards.

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 7.59.45 am

Just FYI, my most expensive gold card is the unicorn. I rarely use it but there is NO intention of selling it right now as it is my first gold legendary card ever in this game! Maybe this one I could rent out  ….

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 8.03.45 am

Thanks for reading