Travelgirl Is Getting Ready to Move Soon ….

Hi Everyone,

We are about to move to a new place. I have already started packing a few weeks ago and have been doing it bit by bit but the day of the actual move is coming near, I am not sure if we could make it. We have been here at the current place for 6 years so you can imagine the stuff we have accumulated. I am at a point that we have used up all our cardboard boxes and I had to buy another 15 of them from Bunnings (Aussie hardware store).

I have also found that we just have too many soft toys and clothes to put into boxes so I ended up buying a lot of the Asian tough bags so I can dump everything in there. We bought 6 from eBay which worked out to be $6.50 each but we saw a new batch of stock came at The Reject Shop for $3.50 so we bought another 8. Even if we don’t end up using them, we can keep them for the next move.


The one thing that is bothering me now is how we will transport our Lego. For the time being, I have put the lego in a box for fragile stuff and move them slowly over to the new place. I don’t want to disassemble them, it is not even an option. We also converted a room to a storage room so we can move the boxes ready for the move into 1 place. It makes everything neat but also a bit safer for everyone to walk around the house. Anyone have good tips for an easy move? We have moved for ages so I need some clever ideas/hacks to make my life a little easier for the move.


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Bubble Nini @ Chippendale, Sydney with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Since my last sharing of Milk Flower, a fancy Asian drink place in Sydney, I bring you another one that has been recommended by not 1 or 2 friends, but by many of them! Bubble Nini is the one and only in Chippendale in Sydney so far and has been a recommended drink place for many months by close friends. They are popular on delivery sites and let me tell you why below.


The store looks like a florist and is a perfect place to enjoy a nice drink. Even better you can buy the flowers here! This place is also a great Instagram moment which is why people love taking pictures with their drinks here.

IMG_1509 (1)IMG_1508 (1)IMG_1505 2

Let’s check out the menu. We ordered a ‘The Sun and Moon’ & ‘It Takes Two to Mango’ in the large size.

IMG_1507IMG_1506 (1)

Here it is! They do look pretty don’t they especially my one with the real fruits in the drink. Verdict. The Sun and Moon were just like other bubble tea places but we will probably swap it next time with the default pearl to peanut better peals. My It Takes Two to Mango was delicious. It was the right sweetness (half sugar) and it was nice and cool for that warm summer day. We will definitely come back again if we are in the area and try something else as the rest of the menu looks pretty interesting.

IMG_1504IMG_1514 (1)IMG_1502 (1)IMG_1503 (1)IMG_1515

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Haidilo Accepts Crypto Payment For A Meal

Hi Everyone,

We recently went to try out the famous hot pot restaurant just opened up in Sydney called Haidilo. They are famous in Chinese due to the service they provide in-house with a large variety of food and sauces. But the one thing that caught my attention is that they accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. I guess stores will eventually adapt to accept crypto as a form of payment over time.

IMG_1055 copy

While we were waiting for a table, the staff gave us a small plate for snacks but we didn’t have any so it won’t fill our stomach. I also realized there complementary nail painting or hand massage available. I heard China you the same services but more including massages, Chinese opera etc.

IMG_1026 (1)IMG_1024IMG_1025IMG_1027 (1)

We didn’t wait for long and got a table. All food are ordered through the Tablet provided in the table. We first need to choose a soup base (we chose water) and various food including beef, veggies, different balls etc – typical hot pot food.

IMG_1034 2IMG_1033 2IMG_1032 2IMG_1030 2IMG_1031 2IMG_1037 2 (1)IMG_1045 3 (1)IMG_1047 2

IMG_1037 2 (1)

A highly anticipated part of this restaurant was their sauce bar. There were over 20 typos of sauces you can mix and match to make the perfect one to your liking. I just piled up on loads of mushroom sauce, coriander and sesame sauce. They also added some fruit and sweet water for dessert. Although we didn’t order it if you order a plain long noodle, you get a bit of a dance to it when they serve it at your table. Service was top notch and the whole experience was really positive. We will probably visit the restaurant again soon.

IMG_1040IMG_1042IMG_1048IMG_1044 2IMG_1053 (1)IMG_1039IMG_1038 2

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Katara Cultural Village @ Doha, Qatar

Hi Everyone,

People in Doha tend to go out late at night as the weather is cooler than during the day. The weather during the day could be at least 35 degrees heat and due to their culture, people are all covered up including tourists. This will make going during the day difficult but by night, the city comes to life. While in Doha, we decided to make a quick visit to Katara Cultural Village. We took an Uber and the driver took us there very quickly.

katara cultural centre

The first thing I’ve noticed about Katara Cultural Village was the lack of lights. It was dark in most places but people seem was happy doing their own things. We were also told that kids in Doha sleep late due to the late even lifestyle. We arrived at Katara Cultural Village just at 11pm and was surprised that families were still out and about happily kicking a ball or riding bikes around the open area. To be honest, I wasn’t able to take many pictures as the place was pitch dark.

IMG_7341 (1)IMG_4019IMG_0430

There were some places with lights including cafe, restaurants and convenient stores. We walked towards the multi-purpose hall and everyone was just sitting around the enjoying the nice cool evening breeze with the sound of waves surrounding them as we were close to Katara Beach. If I do go to Doha again, I would try to visit Katara Cultural Village during the day (combating the heat) as I can imagine how nice the village would be with their traditional architecture.

IMG_8327 (3)IMG_3455

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Travelgirl’s Review – Anahola Granola

Hi Everyone,

One of my friends came back from Hawaii and gave me a whole heap of stuff as souvenirs. One of them was a pack of granola. Here in Sydney, good quality ones are expensive so I was pretty excited to try these ones from overseas. She bought me a tropical one with a combo of macadamia nuts, papaya, pineapple, sweet coconut, oats, seeds and honey. The pack was a nice size and allowed me to have 6 bowls ie 6 breakfasts. This brand is a Hawaiian brand so definitely hard to find here in Sydney. If you do know of anywhere that sells this here, please let me know!


IMG_1020 (1)

IMG_1021 (1)

As you can see, there are lots of ingredients there. Lots of goodness to start the day off for breakfast. I have to say, I don’t eat much cereal normally but this one is definitely something to look for. The amount of coconut and pineapple really turns the boring nuts and oats to an amazing bowl of goodness. As it is packed with different things, you do get full from a small bowl.

If you are in Hawaii for a holiday, do look out for this. Highly recommended!


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Starý Otec @ Bratislava, Slovakia

Hi Everyone,

As we were traveling around Bratislava, we came across a deli which we bought some really nice jamón for our breakfast. This deli had high quality of cold cuts and the prices were a lot cheaper than what we pay for in Australia.


For jamón for example, we pay around $40 AUD per kilo but in Bratislava, half the price or less depending which type you buy. There are all sorts of other meat and as it was the end of the day, they were starting to pack up but also the time where many people will buy their food for the night or the next day.

IMG_1099IMG_1098IMG_1097 (1)IMG_1094

Apart from cold cuts, they sell all sorts of cracks, sauces, other condiments as well as some dairy. I wish we had something so cheap with high quality in Australia. I miss Europe!


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Travelgirl’s Small Project This Weekend

Hi Everyone,

These two weeks have been really hectic as my other half have been away from home so I am here looking after the kids AND trying to survive in a full time job. But luckily the boys have been well behaved so we’ve been able to go on with our lives without too much trouble.

We did visit Ikea and got a small bookshelf. I am not a hands on person with furniture as it normally involves Daddy E but this time I had to put it together so at least we can use it while he was away. The bookshelf was $25AUD so it wasn’t too expensive. So let’s start!

It wasn’t too difficult as I treated it like lego but it was really hard in the end when I couldn’t find the screw drivers at home so I had to resort to using the crappy Ikea ones which was included in the box. All up it took less than 20 minutes, it would had been faster if I had the right tools. Now the kids have a small bookshelf to put their overflowing books from the other cupboard.


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