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Kawagoe Bell Tower @ Kawagoe, Japan

The Bell Tower at Kawagoe is a must-visit when you are visiting Kawagoe in Japan. It is right in the center of the old town, a famous landmark in the area. Due to the high of the tower, you can easily see this afar and brings the crowd to the area. The bell is still operation and rings 4 times a day (6am,12pm, 3pm & 6pm) which is done automatically. The bell can also be rung manually on odd occasions or during festivals.

bell tower

The bell is well preserved they don’t allow visitors to climb on it. The ladder has been bolted down with planks to prevent people from trying. The tower has been rebuilt several times due to damage but the main structure is still there. There is no entry fee to the bell tower and you can feel free to visit multiple times. The other thing I have noticed there are no stores that sell souvenirs inside the tower so don’t look for a store there. There are plenty of shops around the tower to buy your gifts. Not to mention the local street food. If you are in Kawagoe, this is a must visit stop.

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Breakfast at Kolektiv Cafe in Český Krumlov , Czech Republic

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While strolling around town, we found this cute cafe offering a nice menu for breakfast. They were very tourist friendly and offer a range of different food for all sorts of appetite.


Let’s have a look at the menu first. They offer the menu in English and in Czech so we were well looked after when it came to ordering our meals.


Let’s look at what we have ordered. We ordered a Kolektiv, sun-dried tomato and olive spread & pancakes & cereal for the kids to share. For drinks, we ordered a green tea and coffee.

The meal came in a timely and present beautifully. The olive paste from my meal was exceptional and is highly recommended if you come to this cafe. The kid’s pancakes were not popular amongst the kids but I ate it all. The eggs dish was acceptable and the dip was also very nice. We have noticed all their dips and pastes tastes really delicious and recommend to at least order a dish with them. There are also all sorts of pastries and cakes from the display which you can also order

The prices here are definitely cheaper than what we pay in Sydney and the food quality was brilliant. Normally we would expect to pay at least x2 more in Sydney. The cafe was nicely spaced out with plenty of seating and it was nice and cosy for a cold autumn morning.

IMG_5181 (1)

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Some Memorable Touristy Things From Český Krumlov at Czech Republic

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While we were visiting Český Krumlov at Czech Republic, we took so many pretty photos of the pretty town.


Then there are the road and shop signs all around the city so tourists don’t miss out on anything cool.

IMG_7199 (2)

We were pretty surprised to see a China tourist centre at Český Krumlov. Are there that many Chinese visiting this old town?

IMG_4213 2 (1)

As tourists, we saw something that read pretty funny on a tourist brochure. Have a look at the below. Do you see what I see? I’m not sure if it is was just a lost in translation error or it is really meant what it means, if it is, then it’s pretty funny. Have you seen anything similar on your travels before? Let me know because I find it funny that these get printed and tourists remember these small details on their trips, make each visit very memorable.


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