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New Happy Colour App Update with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Two days ago I shared a new app I’m using constantly these two days called Happy Colour. It is an app that allows you to colour various pictures by choosing the given numbers. It is brainless work as it is a great tool to help you de-stress and make you feel like you have accomplished something. I’ve had a stressful few weeks due to work so this app came in handy. I normally while waiting for the bus or on the bus and these two nights while watching tv.

Let me show you some of the finished products below since my last post. There are actually a lot more but decided just to show you a few. Depending on the complexity, each picture will take 15 minutes on average with the longest one taking 30 minutes (lots of details). There are different themes and genres. Each day they provide you with at least 10 new pictures to colour and a special one for each day.


If you have accomplished some milestones, you will get additional pictures to colour just like shown below.


When you start a new picture, you can zoom in to see the numbers associated with the colours below. Just tap the colours and then the number, the section will be coloured. Highly recommend those who want to relax and certainly a task that doesn’t require any thinking and makes you feel like you are a professional artist after each picture is done.


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Explore Happy Color App with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

I have been really addicted to this new app introduced by a colleague at work. Work hasn’t been the smoothest these few weeks and with the usual home stuff, lots of pressure. So a colleague told me her way to relax in the last few weeks and introduced me to the app Happy Color. I have shared previously I love colouring therefore this app is just right for me, just on the phone.


Unlike colouring books, the app will give you the colours to choose from. As you can see below, this is a blank page. You just pick the numbers for each section and tap that on the screen. It will then colour that part out with the nominated colour.


These games get so addictive. You just want to colour more and more and achieve more complete pieces. Here are some of the pieces I have completed and those waiting to be completed. There are also daily pictures to colour, special occasion ones and some bonus ones if you reach certain achievements. There are literally hundreds of them so this will keep me busy for some time.


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Travelgirl On A New Adventure …

Hi Everyone,

Over Easter and the Anzac holiday in Sydney, we decided to take off to Fiji to escape the bad weather in Sydney. We decided it will be Fiji again as it was close to house and really had an enjoyable time the last 2 years when we visited.

Let me give you a preview on what we have done.

First of all why the below photo? Because baby E took this photo of me and I thought it looked pretty cool!

IMG_3497 2

First thing we saw in our room – bottles of Fiji water.

IMG_4673 (1)

Having a rest at the adults area …. not much of a view unfortunately but great weather


Had the worst sushi ever and loading up on papaya every morning.


We didn’t do on any motorised water sports – the boys paddled for a bit on the canoe

IMG_3498 2

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more.



Small Thing That Makes Me Smile ….

Hi Everyone,

After reading @catwomantersa’s post the other day about doing up her nails, I was thinking that I haven’t done anything to my nails for years. The reason why being is since having kids, I have been in the kitchen more often so I don’t want to risk of having any of my nail polish or bits and pieces in their food. If you have followed my past videos, you would of know that I have a lot of nail polish.

Last time in Japan, I bought some nail stickers so I thought I’ll start with something simple. So here I have a packet of nail stickers and top coat. After cleaning my nails, I stuck them on each nail and then put a coat of top coat on. Let’s see how long this will last. I am thinking probably 3-4 days max. What do you think?


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Luxury Glamping @ Chateau Ramsak, Slovenia with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Glamping in Australia is an expensive activity and which I have only been to one via Airbnb. Heating and aircon, shower and toilet, fridge, nice sound system, cable tv …. yes the works is what I consider a good glamping experience. While traveling to Europe this time, we decided to find somewhere for glamping because I’ve read somewhere you get pure luxury for less than half the price of what you pay in Sydney. So while doing my research, I found a really nice place in Slovenia which was on our way to our next destination.

glamping blog

Chateau Ramsak was the place we decided to try because there is a hot tub PLUS they accept families. They have the tents big enough for 4 people and enough room for a baby cot which they can provide. No need to think about it – we just booked it in. Unfortunately when we arrived on the day, it was very gloomy but it didn’t ruin our mood.

First, let me take you on the tour inside the room. Most important thing, 2 double beds. One downstairs and one upstairs which is like a bunk bed which you need to climb up the ladder to access. The upstairs is just as comfortable as downstairs. They even provided a baby cot for us which was perfect for the little one.


Then you have the TV, BOSE sound system, aircon and central heating. Going into winter, the heater is most needed.


Here is the fridge, mini bar and basic snacks and drinks if you want to purchase any. We bought a bit of food from the supermarket so no need for that.

IMG_0848IMG_0849 (1)

Let’s check out the toilet and bathroom It has a nice toilet, hot shower, hairdryer, amenities and a bathrobe ready for us.

IMG_0854IMG_0855 (1)IMG_0856

Outside there is a hot tub which was great for this hot weather. Enjoy the hot tub under the stars.


The staff bought us a welcome drink we chosen when arrived. They even organised some fresh orange juice for the boys.


This part is the restaurant area. During summer and non raining days, people will sit around and enjoy the coffee and music.


One night is approximately $300AUD a night and it would be cheaper if you rented a smaller tent. Hope you like this detailed tour of our tent. Do you have glamping in your city?

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Let’s Visit Lake Bled @ Bled, Slovenia with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

After visiting Bled Castle, we decided to head down to Lake Bled to explore the surroundings. Fortunately when we arrived, all the clouds have disappeared and the sun came out welcoming us.

lake bled

When we arrived, there was a tourist train waiting for passengers to get on. I believe during summer, these trains will be full of people wanting to explore the lake in style because the lake is pretty big so you either need to drive or take one of these trains to go around it.


As we walked towards the lake, there were many of these gondola taking tourists to the Bled Island to visit the church. We stood there for awhile and decided to not take the gondola over as we had the two kids. What if one needed to go to the toilet or the other one wants a feed. That wouldn’t be a good idea so we just enjoyed the lake by the bank.

IMG_0406 (1)IMG_0420 (1)IMG_0407IMG_0408 (1)

The water was crystal clear and a pretty duck came towards us thinking we may have food for them. Unfortunately we finished all our snacks. As your can see from the photos, the water not only was clear, it was extremely clean. It was a very enjoyable visit as there weren’t many people around and the sun came out at the right time.

IMG_0417 (1)IMG_0418 (1)

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Schirmbar @ Hallstatt, Austria – Perfect Place for Lunch!

Hi Everyone,

Today I will be taking you to have one of the best schnitzel we have had for a long time at Hallstatt – Schirmbar. While we were on our way to the view point at Hallstatt, we decided to get some lunch before walking up the hill. From far away, we could already smell the nice schnitzel from the restaurant plus the restaurant is situated right next to the water view of Hallstatt, what more can we ask for.

Asobono @ Tokyo,Japan (3)

The menu was right at the wall and there were plenty of choices.


We ordered a chicken schnitzel and a fish schnitzel which comes with chips and salad for both. The waiter told us there is no need to order another meal for the kids as the schnitzel are quite substantial which he was correct. The restaurant also offers coffee, desserts and has a bar if you feel like a beer before going up to see the view. The food came out nice and hot and both the fish and chicken was so juicy! The chips were not too charred which we like but the salad was just average. Having this meal next to the view is simply the best.


There were plenty of seating and we noticed that most of the customers are tourists who wants to have a quick bite. Prices were very reasonable considering the size of the meal as well as in a popular part of a tourist location with a stunning view. If you ever decide to visit Hallstatt in Austria, do consider trying out this restaurant and enjoy the view while you eat.

Address: Seestraße 145, 4830 Hallstatt, Austria

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Let’s Visit Badeinsel Hallstatt @ Austria with Travelgirl

Today I would like to take you to Badeinsel Hallstatt, not far from the famous Heritage site. We parked our car near Badeinsel , which is a small bathing island in Hallstatt which is very popular during summer. Locals love coming here for a swim to cool down, have a picnic and take some snaps as there are some fabulous views right in front of them.

Badeinsel Hallstatt

There are plenty of green space for kids to run around or families to relax. There is a small bridge pathway for people to get onto the island. You can see how magnificent the view looks already.

IMG_9990IMG_9991 (1)IMG_9992 (1)

See that bench on the left, many people would just sit there and enjoy the view. Great spot to take some decent photos of the lake and parts of Hallstatt. The water was crystal clear which you can see the reflections clearly of the mountains. If you are heading to Hallstatt, do stop by this beautiful point for a bit of relaxation away from the crowd and enjoy the views.

IMG_9994IMG_9993 (1)

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On The Way From Salzburg to Hallstatt @ Austria with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

As many of you probably know, we love driving around from one place to the other when visiting another country. The reason being is you can sometimes see the unexpected along the way making the trip extra memorable. Going to Hallstatt was somewhere I really wanted to visit so we made sure we made it on this trip.


The trip was very scenic and there were not many cars (at least this was the road Google map took us down) so we could really enjoy the countryside views. It feels like we are driving from mountain to mountains and within these, there are small towns which look different to the bigger ones we’ve seen in the city. The scenery is definitely different from what we see here in Australia. It feels more calm, greener and ‘movielike’ which going through these towns. There were also times we wanted to stop and take a photo but unfortunately, there were no “stop zone” for us to park on the side which was a bit of a shame. Hope you all enjoy the photos – they were all taken from the car, therefore, may not have the best framing but you will see what I mean from the views we saw.


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Explore The Surroundings of Český Krumlov Castle @ Czech Republic with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Just before we went to visit Český Krumlov Castle, we decided to walk around the castle to take some photos and see what it looks like from afar. To our surprise, there wasn’t a lot of people around the back of the castle so we had lots of opportunities to take some photos. I highly recommend you to walk around the other side of the castle to get some great photos of the surroundings in particular in summer.


From afar, you can see that the Castle is located on top of a hill. As we got closer, we can see the bridge area where lots of tourists are already there enjoying the view from the top

IMG_6776IMG_7893 2 (1)IMG_1771IMG_4193

IMG_6223 (3)IMG_7930

IMG_0549 (2)

Here is a map of the castle and surroundings


There is a nice path to walk up to the castle and its perfect for us who is pushing a stroller

IMG_1254 (1)IMG_5391IMG_4193IMG_4915

After a bit of a walk and a detour, we soon arrive at the castle which I will share in the next blog.

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