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The Wet Edge Restaurant @ Sheraton Resort, Fiji

Hi Everyone,

During our time in Fiji, we had a lovely meal at a restaurant on the walk between the Sheraton & Westin resort. It is ALWAYS packed so we had to book ahead of time to ensure we get a table to see why it is so popular.

waters edge

Let’s have a look at the menu. I love the fact that you get a seperate kids menu in Fiji as they are very family friendly and allows kids to enjoy their meal with many options available.

The waitress bought out a sauce rack in preparation for our food to arrive. We ordered a hotdog meals for the kids, a kids fish and chips and a daily special seafood & rib platter for 2. Here comes our food. The whole platter is 90% seafood except for ribs which is from the bbq.

The platter was defiantly enough for 2 adults and we had some food left over. Most of the food on the platter was fabulous except for the battered fish which I thought was a bit small and had a thick layer of batter. The Fijian Kokoda was sooooo delicious I wanted more. It is like semi raw fish mixed with veggies and coconut juice/soup. It is a traditional dish in Fiji. There were little prawns than what we saw on the picture but it was very fresh. Squid was done perfectly! yummmm

The service here was great. The kids had a great time and seating was pretty spacious. The only downside and I’ve mentioned this previously, in Fiji, many food outlets don’t have any air condition therefore it was a bit warm eating dinner and trying to keep cool. We didn’t order any drinks that night but were supplied with plenty of cool water throughout the night.

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Address: Within Sheraton Resort in Fiji

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Review of Biograf Winebar and Restaurant @ Bojnice with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

After our visit to the Bojnice Castle, we were starving so we checked foursquare and found that Biograf had a really high rating. It was close to the castle so we decided to go and check it out. There is outdoor and indoor seating so we choose to go indoors as it was cold outside. Inside there is upstairs and downstairs so we found table upstairs as there were vacant seats.


They have menus in a few languages so we got an English one. Let’s have a look at what they offer. We ordered Biograf Tower, chicken noodles, grilled seabass & gnocchi with cheese (their speciality). Here comes the food!

The servings were very bigger than what we expected. The gnocchi was very rich and filling and we couldn’t finish it. The seabags was actually very nice and it feels like there wasn’t enough as the kids loved it too. Chicken noodle soup was like all normal ones which was perfect for a winter day. Lastly the Biograf Tower was delicious – I loved the hash browns in particular with the cabbage.

The restaurant has a really nice bar so many customers will order a wine or a beer which is great if you bring your date here. It wasn’t very kids friendly sitting upstairs as they didn’t have a high chair but it was acceptable for us as we had our portable high chair with us. The waitstaff was very friendly and all know English. Price was average considering it is at a tourist destination but the service was very substantial.

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Hotel Review: Hotel Wellseason Hamanako (Part 2 ) @ Hamamatsu, Japan

Hi Everyone,

Lets continue touring around Hotel Wellseason Hamanako @ Hamamatsu, Japan today. In my last blog, I have taken you to the room I’ve booked and some of the open areas of the hotel, today lets check out the inside of the resort where most people visit after they have checked into the hotel.

In the guest areas, it’s like a mini city inside with a cafe, massage therapy, various massage chairs etc. Let us have a look around! First, this is the massage therapy area. They are an additional service you can purchase if you want someone to give you a massage or hot stone therapy. Prices weren’t cheap but its an option you can take if you don’t want to go into the onsen.


There were also many rest areas with massage chairs, again has an additional charge but it was very reasonable. For massage chair use, it was 200 yen for 20 minutes. Not bad for some peace a quite and really it felt really good. I actually used the chairs quite often for the two nights we were there.

IMG_9940 2IMG_9016 2

There were other machines you can be used for a fee but I didn’t get to try them

IMG_9018IMG_3991 2

This whole area was very clean and quiet so it really felt like you were away from our busy lifestyle.


There were a number of hot springs in the resort and this was the sign to them. I cannot take any pictures inside but I have included a few from the website.




Just outside the guest area, there is a well-stocked gift shop for guests to purchase souvenirs. We actually bought a few boxes of biscuits back home as gifts and bought some to try in our room. The prices were quite reasonable compared to what you pay outside.


Around the hotel, you can see many displays for people to take photos. They even label them as “Photo Spot”

IMG_6176 2IMG_6744IMG_5064

Lastly, what I love about a Japan they set up the futons for us every night. This actually feels like a holiday!

IMG_5676 2 copy

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Hotel Review Hotel: Wellseason Hamanako (Part 1 ) @ Hamamatsu, Japan

Hi Everyone

Today I’ll be taking you to really nice onsen hotel we stayed in at Hamamatsu. We were here the year before but because the service was so good, we decided to come here again this time during our visit to Japan. Hotel Wellseason Hamanako is not easily accessible by public transport so it is recommended that you drive there. As this was our second stay, I knew which type of room I want to stay in. We wanted the traditional Japanese room with a tatami floor for the kids to roll around and requested to be on the top floor as there is a very nice sea view from the window. The price we got quoted from the website is all inclusive which includes breakfast and dinner. You can opt to choose to have just breakfast but I highly recommend you choose both meal options as the buffet they have there was just worth the price!

While we were waiting in the lobby. The lobby was super warm considering it was like 2 degrees outside.


Let me show you the room first. Plenty of space for the family & a really nice view of the ocean

IMG_8300IMG_3410 3IMG_5972IMG_3136 2IMG_1273IMG_2601

The snacks were replenished every day


The attendant for our room was so thoughtful, she even bought a small yukata for our little man.


We chose to come back to this hotel was because it was very child-friendly.

IMG_8686IMG_3586IMG_1980 2IMG_0914IMG_1824 2

In the next blog, I will continue taking you around the hotel & the restaurants.

Address1891 Kanzanjicho, Nishi Ward, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture 431-1209, Japan
Phone+81 53-487-1111