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Lune Finally Comes to Sydney + Travelgirl’s Lune Experience in Melbourne

Hi Everyone,

OMG!! Lune is coming to Sydney and the location is TBA. Lune is a famous bakery in Melbourne selling some of the best croissants in town. The line can go on forever so having a store in Sydney would help those who can’t fly to Melbourne all the time. These yummy croissants even stay fresh after being on a plane for a few hours, they are just the bomb! So I’ll today, I thought I’ll share my experience in Melbourne a month ago when we tried to buy croissants over the new year.


Our friends who lived in Melbourne told us to try the almond croissants & the normal ones. They have a nice crunchy outer layer and the inside is soft and smooth. So we decided to wake up and get there before 8am to beat the crowd. The store is actually around 20mins walk from our Airbnb so we decided to just walk there. There was no line when we arrived, then we saw a sign with a few people also looking disappointed. They only sell takeaway at Fitzroy (their factory) so we quickly took the Uber. Once we arrived, we knew it will be a bit of a wait.


Look at that line! One thing for sure, we are in the right place. Can you see that tall guy in the line, that is Daddy M waiting ‘patiently’ in line waiting for his breakfast and coffee. After nearly 45 minutes in the line (remember this is all takeaway customers), we are finally there. Yes, that is the hole you make your order, pay and get your food. The worst part is due to the holiday season, the only sell the original croissant and the lemon cruffins. Without any choices, we bought both to take home and share it with everyone.

I love the fact the box has wholes around it so it ensures the moist doesn’t make the croissants soft and soggy. A plain croissant was $6 and lemon cruffins were 7.50 each. Not cheap for bakery food but they are worth the price especially the croissant. It smells nice, crunch with a nice texture and a soft center. I didn’t like the lemon cruffins that much as it was overly sweet for my liking but Daddy E thought it great. He had like 2 of them throughout the day.  Honestly, I can’t wait for the Sydney store to open so I can get my hands on more plain croissants and try the almond one which we missed in Melbourne.


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Qantas Airline Review | From Sydney To Bangkok with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

For my flight from Sydney to Bangkok, I redeemed my ticket via Qantas Frequent Flyer points. I haven’t flown with Qantas for some time so wasn’t expect much as I have heard they haven’t really improved their service for many years.

qantas review

It was a full flight so it took a while to get everyone on board especially having the take the airport bus to the plane which was parked elsewhere. The economy seat configuration of the plane was 2x4x2 and I booked my seat on the side. There was surprisingly nice leg room considering I am quite tall so that was nice to know I don’t need to cram so much for 9 hours on the way there.

IMG_1817 (1)IMG_1818 (2)IMG_1819 (1)

The video on demand was great! Had many shows and movies and I ended up watching a few things.

IMG_1821 (1)IMG_1822 (1)

Having said all the good stuff for this flight, now we go onto the stuff I was disappointed with. The food was terrible. For a full paid service, the food and quality we were given were not up to standard. Below was our meal. The main meal which I chose pork belly with rice they gave us a cheesecake, a small piece of bread and drink plus a bottle of water. I was still hungry after the meal. Luckily the taste of the pork belly made up for it. In between we did get offered a piece of fruit and an ice block. Just before we landed, our light meal was a tart. Didn’t taste good at all. The food quality and quantity really have let down the whole flight experience.

IMG_1824 2 (1)IMG_1825 (1)IMG_1823 (1)

IMG_1827 (1)IMG_1828 (1)

Service was average though there was one male staff had really nice manners and was very tentative. The rest of the staff was either impatient or wasn’t really interested which was a shame. As mentioned above, I only chose to fly Qantas as I redeemed points for this flight but if I had to pay full fare, I may have to re-consider unless I had a really good deal flying to my next destination.

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Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt @ Sydney, Australia

Hi Everyone,

Asian yoghurts are so popular in Sydney they are opening up left right and centre. 2 weeks ago I introduced a new one called Milk Flower and today I will take you to a new one I found in the city CBD called Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt. There was a line when we arrived but it was more fairly quickly.


As we were lining up, you see different signs that advising those who are pregnant or after over 70 years old can skip the line. The next sign further down the line was that everything was made with 100% fresh fruit and best to drink it within 10 minutes but the most important part is they don’t offer delivery like some of the other stores. The best poster which got my attention was definitely them adding purple rice to the drink. Normally I have purple rice in “sugar water” but in a yoghurt drink will be a first.

IMG_1733IMG_1729 (1)

IMG_1730 (1)IMG_1727

Here is the menu. A pretty big menu so it was nice for them to break down the 9 most popular one for those don’t know what to choose. We chose number 4 – Haw Purple Rice Yoghurt. We used to eat haw mini biscuits as a kid so it was nice to add it to the drink.

IMG_1734 (2)IMG_1735

Our drink was made quickly and the little ones were already fighting who was going to drink it first. The liquid content with the purple rice as perfect. The rice was soft and it was well mixed with the yoghurt drink. There was a hint of haw which was not overpowering. The best part of this is the drink was less than $7 which was at least 20% cheaper than the one at Milk Flower (though milk flower’s cup seems a little bigger). If you want a change of drinks for a hot day, try Yomie’s Rice x Yogurt.

IMG_1732IMG_1738 (1)

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Bubble Nini @ Chippendale, Sydney with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

Since my last sharing of Milk Flower, a fancy Asian drink place in Sydney, I bring you another one that has been recommended by not 1 or 2 friends, but by many of them! Bubble Nini is the one and only in Chippendale in Sydney so far and has been a recommended drink place for many months by close friends. They are popular on delivery sites and let me tell you why below.


The store looks like a florist and is a perfect place to enjoy a nice drink. Even better you can buy the flowers here! This place is also a great Instagram moment which is why people love taking pictures with their drinks here.

IMG_1509 (1)IMG_1508 (1)IMG_1505 2

Let’s check out the menu. We ordered a ‘The Sun and Moon’ & ‘It Takes Two to Mango’ in the large size.

IMG_1507IMG_1506 (1)

Here it is! They do look pretty don’t they especially my one with the real fruits in the drink. Verdict. The Sun and Moon were just like other bubble tea places but we will probably swap it next time with the default pearl to peanut better peals. My It Takes Two to Mango was delicious. It was the right sweetness (half sugar) and it was nice and cool for that warm summer day. We will definitely come back again if we are in the area and try something else as the rest of the menu looks pretty interesting.

IMG_1504IMG_1514 (1)IMG_1502 (1)IMG_1503 (1)IMG_1515

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Haidilo Accepts Crypto Payment For A Meal

Hi Everyone,

We recently went to try out the famous hot pot restaurant just opened up in Sydney called Haidilo. They are famous in Chinese due to the service they provide in-house with a large variety of food and sauces. But the one thing that caught my attention is that they accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. I guess stores will eventually adapt to accept crypto as a form of payment over time.

IMG_1055 copy

While we were waiting for a table, the staff gave us a small plate for snacks but we didn’t have any so it won’t fill our stomach. I also realized there complementary nail painting or hand massage available. I heard China you the same services but more including massages, Chinese opera etc.

IMG_1026 (1)IMG_1024IMG_1025IMG_1027 (1)

We didn’t wait for long and got a table. All food are ordered through the Tablet provided in the table. We first need to choose a soup base (we chose water) and various food including beef, veggies, different balls etc – typical hot pot food.

IMG_1034 2IMG_1033 2IMG_1032 2IMG_1030 2IMG_1031 2IMG_1037 2 (1)IMG_1045 3 (1)IMG_1047 2

IMG_1037 2 (1)

A highly anticipated part of this restaurant was their sauce bar. There were over 20 typos of sauces you can mix and match to make the perfect one to your liking. I just piled up on loads of mushroom sauce, coriander and sesame sauce. They also added some fruit and sweet water for dessert. Although we didn’t order it if you order a plain long noodle, you get a bit of a dance to it when they serve it at your table. Service was top notch and the whole experience was really positive. We will probably visit the restaurant again soon.

IMG_1040IMG_1042IMG_1048IMG_1044 2IMG_1053 (1)IMG_1039IMG_1038 2

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A Visit to “Something There Is” Art Exhibition with Travelgirl

Hi Everyone,

A week ago, I quickly dropped by to a local exhibition called “Something There Is”. Honestly I had no idea what to expect as this venue runs different displays every month with free entry (I’ve never been to one that had an entry fee).

something there is

I’m not an art person so it didn’t interest me when I walked in but the thing that got my attention were the display right in the middle of the venue. They seem to look like they were made from newspaper all braided to a bowl like shape and they were all around the room. It was very diy to me and that really got me interested and I stood there for 5 minutes trying to work out how its made. They were all the same shape just in different sizes as they were all handmade. It was an interesting display and I hope the next one at the venue would be a more exciting one.

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The End of Daylight Saving Last Night in Sydney …..

Hi Everyone,

If you have read some of my blogs or watched my videos, you would have probably seen me mention daylight saving in Sydney is something I wish would stay forever. Last night was the end of our daylight saving for the summer so we had to change our clocks to go back an hour (yay we got one hour back!).

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 7.47.24 pm

The reason I dread daylight saving ending is we loose an extra hour of sunlight. When we finish work by 5pm, the sky is already dark and everything seems so sad. Unlike in summer, the sun is still out when we step out of the office which makes the walk to the bus stop more enjoyable. Tomorrow is the first working day since the change and I’m dreading it. And when it hits June when winter comes around, it will be cold, windy and dark by 5pm.

Another thing why the change of time is a pain is it takes my kids at least a week to adjust to the new timing. So I have to change my schedule slightly to cater for this change and going back to work now I’m not sure how it will work. I guess I will just wait and see tomorrow.

Does your country have daylight saving? Do you like it or not?

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