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Let’s visit Wiseman Ferry @ Australia

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A quick weekend getaway to Wiseman Ferry was a great choice for us as it was only a 90 minutes drive to Sydney. I have been here for a work conference a few years ago and visiting the town again, I really didn’t see any change to it. As mentioned in my previous blog, the town is pretty small. You only have a service station and a few cafe/restaurants and a local supermarket.

wiseman ferry

Wiseman Ferry is a small and quiet town. It is so remote that the nearest fast food is at least 30 minutes drive away. The one service station there charges a premium for fuel. Same with the supermarket selling the necessities. Restaurants and cafes are also not as of high quality but charge a substantial price to their food. Most people I believe will probably drive out to the bigger towns to find a bigger chain supermarket like Woolworths or Coles to stock up on necessities and fresh food.

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We have been to the town twice during our weekend and both times the roads were very quiet. Not many people were walking on the streets. I think mainly this is due to most people don’t live around here and those living around here are on holidays like us or prefer to stay indoors as the town doesn’t have much to offer. Having said all the above, I would still visit again for the few orchards around the area especially summer where there would be more different fruits on offer.


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Trying Korean Pear on Australia Day Long Weekend with Travelgirl

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It is the Australian Day Long weekend and Saturday was a super hot day with temperatures around 37 degrees. It was so humid I just wanted to stay indoors the whole day. We were invited over to our friend’s house and luckily they had a pool so most of us have gone in to cool down twice throughout the day. My friend normally prepares most of the food but we bought some fruit over so everyone can cool down with some nice fruits. When I got to the shop, I found a fruit which was a bit interesting but also a bit confusing. Let’s see what it was.

On the sign, it says its a Korean pear but the origin is from China. That in itself was confusing but I thought I had to buy it and give it a try because the pear was actually pretty big. It looked like a nashi pear but just bigger and a lot darker. Price wise it was pretty expensive considering nashi pears are normally $5-6 a kilo and this was already $3.49AUD  each.


We took it our friend’s place and they also haven’t seen this before. So let’s cut it up and see what it looks like. Just like I thought, it’s like a nashi pear. Tastes the same just a bit sweeter. Nothing too special that I need to go out of my way to buy another one. Do you have this Korean pear in your city?


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